Cortes Community Health Association
  The   Mission     of   the   Cortes   Community   Health   Association   is     o   provide   resources   in   a   Cortes Health   Centre   for   the   benefit   of   all   residents   and   visitors   to   Cortes   Island.      To   manage   the   finances of   the   Cortes   Community   Health   Association   so   that   the   centre   will   be   self-sustaining  .   To   secure the   services   of   health   practitioners   who   are   appropriately   trained   and   able   to   meet   the   medical needs   of   the   community.   To   act   as   liaison   between   the   community,   Ministry   of   Health   and   other branches   of   health   care   delivery,   health   education,   and   administration   in   the   Province   of   British Columbia.   To   act   as   advocate   for   the   community   in   obtaining   the   best   possible   health   care.      To promote   programs   to   improve   health   in   the   community   and   to   conduct   fund   raising   incidental   to   the above purposes  .
The CCHA Board of Directors   Executive   Ed Safarik - President   Julia Rendall - Treasurer   Bernice McGowan - Secretary Directors   Tom Behm   Sean Lymworth   Kim Robertson   Bianca Lee   Katie Barr   Tess Kashetsky  
A    Brief    History    of    Medical Care on Cortes Island From   about   1905,   Health   care   on Cortes    and    other    isolated    islands was     provided     by     the     Columbia Coast     Mission     of     the     Anglican Church.      The   Mission   operated   on many         isolated         communities, logging    camps    and    First    Nations villages   using   a   variety   of   vessels including        the        35        ft        M.V. Rendezvous    in    the    40’s    and    the M.V.     Columbia     III,     launched     in 1956.
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Cortes Community

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