Cortes Community Health Association

Cortes Community

Health Association

THE AUGMENTED HOME SUPPORT PROGRAM sponsored by the Cortes Community Health Association is Inviting applicants to call 250-935-6718 or email ccha@twincomm.ca  if assistance is needed to remain living on Cortes with some extra help provided by a home support worker. A limited number of hours are available but If you are living on a small fixed income and cannot afford to hire needed help, but would like to remain living on Cortes we may be able to help. This service is not a substitute for the home support available from Island Health and cannot provide personal care (bathing, dressing changes) or help with taking medication. It can provide healthy meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping for food on island, transportation to medical appointments on Cortes, etc. If you are having surgery or soon to be released from the hospital, let us know, we can help.