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EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION FUND DISCOVERY ISLANDS RESIDENTS On    occasion,    ambulance,    coast    guard    or helicopter       transports       Discovery       Island residents     in     a     health     emergency     to     the Campbell       River       Hospital       for       further assessment.   You   may   have   been   evacuated without    funds    and/or    appropriate    clothing. Sometimes    one    gets    discharged    suddenly, after   ferry   hours,   with   no   way   to   return   home and no place to stay for the night. What   you   can   do   if   this   happens   to   you:      In this    situation,    talk    to    the    Emergency    Room staff,     which     can     help     with     the     following arrangements.   read more….
Information for Patients with Off Island Physicians  Patient files (electronic and paper) are kept in confidence by their physician and are not accessible to the Cortes Health Centre.  Clinics owned and operated by Island Health may share patient information but the Cortes Health Centre is not one of those Island Health clinics. Lab work is available to all Cortes Island residents whether or not they are patients of the Cortes Health Centre.  If you have received a lab requisition from your off island physician please confirm we are able to perform the lab work by bringing your lab requisition to the Health Centre for review, when you make your appointment.  We will schedule lab work for you on first come first serve basis as we do with all our patients. Lab results are sent to your physician.  When inquiring about your results, please contact your physician.
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