Cortes Community Health Association
CCHA Youth and Family Programs The    CCHA    runs    a    number    of    community    programs    to    support    the    health    and wellbeing    of    youth    and    families    on    Cortes    Island.    Our    family,    child    and    youth programs   reach   children   from   Kindergarten   to   17   years   of   age   and   are   dynamic programs   that   provide   many   activities   and   events   for   our   youth   throughout   the   school year.      The   programs   provide   weekly   after   school   creative   arts,   literacy,   organized sports,   outdoor   education,   leadership,   and   skill   based   programming.   Our   mandate   is free,   accessible   programming   for   all   the   children   of   Cortes   Island.         Snacks   are provided. Please check out our website for current family and youth program details. www.cortesfamily.ca Our   youth   and   family   programs   are   run   entirely   on   grant   and   donated   funds.      To support    youth    and    families    on    Cortes    please    donate    to    the    CCHA      a    charitable organization (will provide a tax receipt)  . Programs Kids   in   Action     (ages   7-9)   weekly   creative,   nature   based   programming   with   a   focus on cooperative activities, sports, creative arts and building healthy friendships Adventures    in    Leadership      (ages    10-12)      weekly    leadership    and    skill    based programming   with   a   focus   on   fun,   creative,   educational   and   skill   based   activities   such as   cooking,   an   art   work   fundraiser,   Salmon   stream   exploration,   camping   and   yearly off island trips Teen    Szene:      (ages13-17)      weekly    hangouts    in    a    clean,    safe,    and    empowering environment        with    access    to    organized    activities,    educational    information    and resources, and yearly off island field trips. Sports:     (ages   8-15)     provides   weekly   skill   building   sports   for   all   Cortes   Island   youth including   coached   series   in   Atomic   Volleyball,   Soccer,   Curling,   Basketball,   Touch Football,   Track   &   Field   and   monthly   bike   events   with   bike   maintenance   and   trail riding. Family   Support:        The   Family   Support   program   exists   to   support   island   families   in becoming   healthy,   strong   and   resilient.      Program   delivery   entails   outreach   and   direct support   to   families   at   risk,   organizing   parenting   workshops   and   fun,   informative   family ev  ents   as   well   as   helping   impoverished   families   to   access   rental   assistance,   dental care   and   childcare   subsidies.   In   recognition   of   the   significant   barriers   to   families obtaining   the   off-island   services   of   a   specialist,   our   FSC   has   become   an   advocate   for an   equitable   access   to   services   by   Cortes   families   as   by   other   families   across   the province,   including   issues   around   mental   health   and   inclusivity.   As   well,   the   Every Child    Fund    supports    access    to    recreational    and    extracurricular    programming    for children   who   have   difficulty   integrating   or   need   extra   support,   by   providing   funding   for additional staffing than may otherwise be required.

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